About Me

Hi there! I am Elizabeth Star Pope, single mom, professional interior design connsultant, furniture salesperson and now amateur blogger and internet media marketer. I have been practicing design in some form for over ten years. I have always been passionate about graphic design and web design, so why not jump right on into social networking and blogging.
I live (love) in Austin, Texas, but I grew up in Rosenberg, Texas, “The Berg” or “Ghettoberg”, as we liked to call it, right outside of Houston, Texas. “I will never go back!” No offense to all of my friends and family that remain there. But it never really felt like home to me. Austin is a different world and one I fit right into.
I attended school in Houston at The Art Institute, where I obtained an Associates of the Arts, majoring in Interior Design. I have dabbled in it all. Just out of college, I went to work for Home Depot as a decor sales specialist. I wanted to get my hands dirty, and believe me, I did, learning all I could about building materials. While there I gained extensive experience in paint, flooring and window coverings sales. The opening of a new location, and the beautiful hill country, brought me to Austin.

While living in Austin I worked for a national home builder, traveling and decorating model homes around the US. Now setting up model homes, this is really how to get your hands dirty! Faux painting till all hours of the night, setting up models with no a/c, wearing paint splattered clothes in public, the only glorious part was the end result. A sad, sad day came when the company had to make layoffs.

 I then went to work part-time for local furniture and fabric boutiques trying to find my new niche. I added to my experience in bedding and drapery design. I also worked on inventory management and website maintenanceat a high-end antiques gallery. It’s like getting paid to learn, I gained a fresh appreciation for the history of furniture and antiques appraisal.



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